Terms and Conditions of The Lottery Syndicate Club

By purchasing Lottery lines or participating in the spread betting members of The Lottery Syndicate Club

(L.S.C.) confirm they are accepting the following Terms and Conditions:

1. All members joining L.S.C. must be aged 16 years or over.

2. Each member may play as many lottery lines as he/she wants. Lottery Lines will not be entered with the Lottery Organisers until all methods of payment have been cleared. Lottery players may also wager in the spread betting scheme once any payments for their bets have been received and any required AML and due diligence has been received.

3. Club members may place bets in the spread betting scheme or play the lottery for themselves only, no bets or lottery lines can be accepted for third parties. All stakes must be paid in advance of being played.

4. The purchase of Lottery Lines or placing bets by members for third parties is strictly prohibited. L.S.C. will not accept liability for any claims, disputes or winnings claimed by or for third parties.

5. No two Lottery lines will be allowed to be the same (as each player is required to play a unique combination of numbers). Members may submit their requested combination of numbers, but L.S.C will assume responsibility for ensuring that no two lines are the same. Chosen numbers, therefore, may be altered by the Lottery Syndicate Club to ensure unique lines are maintained. Members will be notified of the numbers that have been accepted for them to play.

6. Members may increase the lines that they wish to play during their current membership year, but these changes can only be made with additional line payments being made on a pro rata basis to the remaining weeks left to play, up to the completion of their membership year.

7. L.S.C will be responsible for placing the member’s bets with either the Lottery or the spread betting Organisers as appropriate.

8. L.S.C. will collect all monies won by members on the Lottery or the spread betting scheme.

9. All Lottery winnings up to £200 will be paid in full to the owner/s of the winning line/s.

10. Lottery wins between £201 and £1 million will be divided three ways: 5% will be paid to the Syndicate Leader; 20% will be paid into the L.S.C.; and the remaining 75% will be paid to the member owning the winning line/s.

11. If a member’s line wins the Lottery Jackpot, one of the Managers of the L.S.C. will collect the winning cheque from the Lottery Organisers. In the event of a shared Jackpot where the win is over £1,000,000 but less than £1,050,000 the Syndicate Leader must be paid his/her £50,000 and the remaining money will be paid to the owner of the winning line. If the win is over £1,050,000 the owner of the winning line will receive £1,000,000;
the Syndicate leader will receive 5% of the total Jackpot win up to a maximum of £1,000,000 and the remaining money will be paid into the L.S.C.

12. Lottery Jackpot wins will be paid out to the members and the following conditions apply:
(a) Only members who were actively playing the Lottery at the time of the Jackpot win, will be entitled to a share of the Jackpot.
(b) Members who were playing the Lottery at the time of the win, must have been playing the Lottery continuously since they joined. No lapsed member will be entitled to a share of the Jackpot.

13. Any spread betting winnings will only be paid out to the members once results are fully verified and any outstanding AML and due diligence provided.

14. If spread betting winnings cannot be verified the club will suspend operation until members bets, winnings and/or losses can be verified.

15. The Managers of the Syndicate may refuse membership to any person that they deem unsuitable, for any reason whatsoever.

16. If any disputes between the Managers and members of L.S.C. arise, club members can, by giving 28 clear day’s written notice to the manager, ask for a mediator to be appointed. The mediator will normally be a club member with formal legal training provided both parties agree to the appointment. If not, then another suitable member acceptable to both parties will be appointed to mediate.

17. If the dispute could not be disposed of by way of mediation, then the aggrieved party may on giving 28 clear days written notice to L.S.C. refer the matter to arbitration. The dispute will then be referred to an independent arbitrator. The arbitrator will not be a club member but someone both parties agree is independent and qualified to make a judgement. The party requesting arbitration must deposit the fees of the arbitrator in advance to fund the arbitration. If the arbitrator finds for the party requesting arbitration, then L.S.C. will, if so ordered to, refund he arbitration costs.

18. All members are responsible for ensuring that all payments due from them are made in a timely manner. All members must notify their Syndicate Leader of any change in their circumstances, including changes of address etc. Failure to do so may result in the member’s line/s not being entered with the Lottery Organisers. In such an event the member may lose his/her rights to winnings, and the L.S.C. accepts no liability in this regard.

19. All members of the L.S.C. must pay an annual subscription of £31. This fee pays for the administration costs of the LSC. Any money remaining after expenses are met will be added to the LSC fund to be shared annually by members. Failure by a member to pay their annual subscription will result in their membership being rescinded.

20. The L.S.C. will not accept any liability for loss of winnings if a Syndicate Leader acts in a negligent or illegal manner contrary to the Terms and Conditions of L.S.C.

21. The Lottery Syndicate Club reserves the right unilaterally to amend these Terms and Conditions as may be required from time to time.

Registered Address: The Lottery Syndicate Club, 32, The Crescent, Spalding, Lincolnshire, PE11 1AF